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Company History

Roads and Concrete was established by Davis Lester Clarke in 1987. Unlike most western companies his approach to business is to look after personal relationships first and let the business follow. Build strategic partnerships that insure all parties involved experience a win win and enjoy doing business with each other.
Roads and concrete is a company that specialises in the procurement of quality products primarily from the USA for the road pavement and construction sectors.
The demand for proven and sustainable solutions has been driven by customer and government legislation. Since 2007 a conscious decision was made to source products and equipment that would be beneficial to the environment and applicators in all construction sectors.

His approach when evaluating new products for marketing and distribution.

  1. Products must be tried tested and proven in performance
  2. Products must provide solutions to current consumer problems.
  3. Products should be simple yet deliver as promised.
  4. Where possible products need to be environmentally sound and safer for all people

Roads and Concrete is currently engaged to secure products for New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, India and now China.

He is an accomplished speaker and business strategist having spoken to business groups in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, Hong Kong, USA and New Zealand. He has served in the military with tours of duty to Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

In 2000, he was instrumental in establishing Industry New Zealand. (A New Zealand Central Government Agency) with other selected business leaders.

As Special Projects Manager and Business Development Advisor he was highly regarded by the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, who would often seek his intervention with companies that required his assistance dealing with the challenges of business strategy and growth.